Ryogoku Art Festival 2017 – Clashing Pianos: Ryogoku Monten Basho – Director: Sachiyo Tsurumi





Ryogoku Art Festival (RAF) is returning for its third installment to the downtown district of Ryogoku, this year with composer Sachiyo Tsurumi as artistic director. We will be staging in Ryogoku Monten Hall, a modest venue of some 50 seats, a wholly original music program that connects the Hall’s two pianos with the world of sumo wrestling.
The title of this year’s RAF is “Clashing Pianos: Ryogoku Monten Basho.”

Sumo and piano are best served live! For a fuller experience and appreciation of music, don’t just sit and listen, get your hands on the keys!

It is with this concept that we have prepared for you this two-part program. The first part of the program is participatory. Just as junior sumo wrestlers are drilled by champion yokozuna in the ring, selected applicants from the public will play together with professional pianists, trying their hand at the “training piano” pieces composed specially for the occasion. There will also be improvisational piano bouts, resembling those of the sumo wrestlers as they break sweat grappling with one another in training. In the latter half, we present new duets for two pianos inspired by elements taken from sumo culture, in which professional pianists will face off in fierce battles on the keyboards. All the pianists on the lineup are acclaimed musicians with performance experience at home and abroad.

So join us in this intimate space for an experience that crosses generations and regions, and fill your ears with this music of the present.





<SHONICHI (opening day)> Two pianos ring though Ryogoku town

2 August 2017, start 19:00

Pianists: Kaori Ohsuga, Yumi Oikawa and players from public.


-Shin-ichiro Ikebe: a Dream 4.55meters Across Diameter for Two Pianos (2017) *

-Sachiyo Tsurumi: Key by Key (2017) *

-Tomoko Momiyama: the Rite of Masago: Ryogoku Summer (2017) *

-Masakazu Natsuda : Gamelaphony II (2009)

-from “Training Piano” Pieces


*   *   *


<NAKABI (middle-day)> Between the Rites, the tradition and the present days

3 August 2017, start 15:00 / 19:30

Pianists: Aki Takahashi, Rikuya Terashima and players from public.


-Makoto Nomura: Namamughi Namaghomé (1997)

-Tomoko Momiyama: On This Side, a Spirit (2017) *

-Yoshiko Kanda: SUMO Suite Xe for two pianos (2017) *

-Takashi Matsudaira: TON-TON for 2 pianos and small sumo wrestlers (2017) *

-from “Training Piano” Pieces

*   *   *


<HANAZUMO TO SENSHURAKU (Flower Sumo & the last day)> Dancing Pianos! A grand ball by music and sumo

6 August 2017, start 16:00


Makoto Nomura, Yusuke Kataoka and players from public.


-Makoto Nomura: new work for HANAZUMO (2017) *

-Yusuke Kataoka: new work for HANAZUMO (2017) *

-Yasuno Miyauchi: new work  (2017) *

-Akane Matsudaira: 2017 March Grand Sumo Tournament Banzuke for two pianos   (2017) *

-from “Training Piano” Pieces


* :  commissioned work (W.P.)


*   *   *


“Training Piano” Pieces    ..from below several pieces will be played in each performance:

-Rikuya Terashima: Rikishi (Sumo Wrestler) (2017)

-Makoto Nomura: Overture for Sumo Hearing (2017)

-Toshiya Watanabe: Asageiko (early-morning practice) (2017)

Ten Goto: 64 times practice game of life no.1 (2017)

Sachiyo Tsurumi: Sumo Hanon (2017)


*   *   *

-Advance: ¥3000-, members & students: ¥2500-

-Door: +¥500 for each

-All Performance Pass: ¥7500- (specify the time of the performance on 3 August)

Open house 30 minutes before the start.


Reservation & Information:

Ryogoku Monten Hall: ticket@monten.jp


*No one 6 years old and under admitted.

*ID card required for students ticket.


Presented by Monten Co.

Grants: Japan Arts Counsil & Asahi Group Arts Foundation

Co-sponsor: Yamaishiya Yokin Kobo, Inc.

Cooperation: Naya Collective Ltd.




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