(Postponed) Ryogoku Art Festival 2021 – Echolaia, Topophilia –

Notice of Rescheduled Performance (Announced on 5th February 2022)

In response to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s priority measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, we have been steadily making preparations for the performance, but in the interests of the health and safety of visitors, performers and staff, we have decided to reschedule the performance for August 2022. We will announce the new date on this page as soon as it is confirmed.

-If you have already purchased the live streaming tickets, you will receive a refund. The organizer will contact you individually.

-If you have already booked the admission tickets: your booking is cancelled. The organizer will contact you individually.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.






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Flyer (Japanese only) download (PDF 1.5MB)



Have you ever felt a sense of intense nostalgia, suddenly when you hear a certain kind of sound, when you are surrounded by sound, or when you find some scent?
While such a sense at the moment is “real,” the “space” associated with the feeling is a virtual existence called “Image,” which comes and goes from moment to moment.
According to Philippe Quéau, “virtual” is a derivation of the Latin word “virtus” which means power and energy: it does not mean a fiction contrary to reality but a potential in the object.
The potential creates the “world” linked with images in your brain.
To start with, do we really live in a real space?

Even when AI or VR serves us something originally unintended or returns an error message, that technology could move our mind and create a value we can’t name.
For human beings, it seems the past and the future are always linked with the present, while our thoughts are constantly flowing and imaginary visions come and go.
Even if a certain expression provides you something extremely distorted, what if your mind is moved by it at the moment?

Live voices versus vocaloids, live sounds versus recorded sounds, sounds played by a human versus electronic sounds – it is meaningless to say which is superior or inferior, or which is intended for a real thing.

That’s where the positive misreading of technology creates a place.

A game space, for example, is virtual but it’s a sort of “environment.”
In the fictional world, game players use their senses – five senses and even another one – and sometimes manipulate the physical sensation of their alter ego.
You can call it the “spirit of exploration,” which is one of our primordial desires.
When we enter the unknown world, the essential tools are our own sensory organs, and we could have a perceptual experience which could cross over our five senses.
In this festival, this hall, where the real and the virtual go back and forth, becomes the base of this exploration.
Do you want to experience it right there, feeling the three-dimensional sound, images, and the breath of the live performance, or to explore the space inside your own body created by the virtual surround sound and images that appear through the monitor?
Welcome to your Virtual-topia!

Asako Miyaki

Artistic Director of Ryogoku Art Festival 2021


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Program A
concert “Imaginary Piano-Scape”
February 22th(Tue), 23rd (Wed) 2022, 18: 30 Start

This is a concert that uses the piano of Ryogoku Monten Hall to show a programmed work which electronically expands the sound.

In addition to commissioning new compositions from composers in Japan and abroad, we also invite young composers to submit new compositions and works for consideration.

Also, as one of the commissioned works, under the supervision of leading AI researcher Otani, a new piece of modern music produced jointly by AI and humans will be performed.

In addition, former GRM composer Donato, who is currently active in experimental sound performance and collaboration with video in Toulouse, will perform multi-channel acoustical works and give a mini-lecture with video appearances.



Please enjoy the 3D sound when the hall opens.

Introduction:  YI SEUNGGYU: Tonality generated by 60 (2021, publicly selected works and premieres)

1. Haolun GU: Sinking Whales for piano and live electronics (2021, commissioned and world premiere)
++piano/electronics: Haolun GU

2. Woojung CHOI: Where is Topophilia  (2021, publicly selected works and premiere)

3. Yoshihisa SUZUKI: Playing in the garden of piano for electronics and piano (2021, commissioned and world premiere)

++piano/electronics:Yoshihisa SUZUKI

4. Shoto YAMAGUCHI: resuscitación (2021, publicly selected works and premiere)

5. Noriko OTANI+Asako MIYAKI: Requiem in B – In collaboration with or in conflict with AI automatic composition (2021, commissioned and world premiere)

++original work: J,S.Bach: Well Tempered Clavier 1 No. 24 BWV869 h-moll

++piano/electronics: Asako MIYAKI

6. Masashi ODA: from an ordinary tone (2021, publicly selected works and premiere)

7. Kim SUA: defiance (2021, publicly selected works and premiere)

8. Mikako MIZUNO: Foodchain ver.2 (2021, commissioned and world premiere)
++piano: Hiromi OSAKA, electronics: Mikako MIZUNO

Invited composer – acousmatic music by multi channel work
9. François DONATO: We Fight (2018 Invited works and revised premieres)
++video lecture



Program B
concert “Yadori_avatar”
February 24th (Thu), 25th (Fri) 2022, 18: 30 Start

Contemporary music in a real-time performance and an online distribution – Game play as a modern art = Composed mainly of new works of performance.
A new collaboration between Asako Miyaki’s music and game or VR videos will be performed.
Throughout the night, we will engage in visual-aural encounters, reenacting their ways, as well as expressing “the traffic between real and virtual.”
In addition, we will be hosting a mini lecture featuring visual music performances and video appearances by a guest composer from Germany-Hiromi ISHII of ZKM and composer Wilfried JENTZSCH, former director of the electronic music studio at Dresden University.



Please enjoy the 3D sound when the hall opens.

Introduction:  YI SEUNGGYU: Tonality generated by 60 (2021, publicly selected works and premieres)

1. Jun KOSAKA+Asako MIYAKI: Yadori_Scape_Notation – for video game and saxophone player (2021, commissioned and world premiere)
++saxophone: Masanori OISHI, video: Jun KOSAKA, music and electronics: Asako MIYAKI

2. Fusako BABA+Asako MIYAKI: Hidden Garden for VR video and virtual surround music (2021, commissioned and revised premieres)

++video:Fusako BABA Music:Asako MIYAKI

3. Asako MIYAKI: Opera acousma III (2021, Commissioned and world premiere)acousmatic music by multi channel work
++installation(*video for distribution): Yasuhiro CHIDA

4. Asako MIYAKI+Jun KOSAKA: Echolalia – for solo violin, electronics, and video (2018, revival)
++violin: Sumine HAYASHIBARA, electronics: Asako MIYAKI, video: Jun KOSAKA
++Metal violin making: Nicolas Herbert

Invited composer- Visual music by multi channel work

5. Hiromi ISHII: Time Crystals (2021, Invited works and premiere)

6.Wilfried JENTZSCH: The Unknown Planet 2021(2021, invited works and revised premieres)

Video lecture



Program C

“The traffic between real and virtual – about games and artistic expression”

March 5th (Sat),  18: 30 Start

Keynote lectures and symposiums will be held on the themes and contents of the festival from the viewpoints of AI research, auditory culture research, game audio research, art direction, and contemporary art.

Keynote speech: Takanari FUKUTA, Yohei YAMAKAMI and Junya YAMAMINE.

Symposium panelistsNoriko OTANI, Takanari FUKUTA, Yohei YAMAKAMI, Junya YAMAMINE, Jun KOSAKA and Asako Miyaki

Language: Japanese



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Admission Tickets: (reservation is required)

ProgramA, B:  ¥3000-, members & students*: ¥2500-

Program C: ¥500-

Open house 30 minutes before the start.

*ID card required for students ticket.



Live Streaming & Archive* Tickets: https://monten-live.zaiko.io/

ProgramA (23rd Feb. (Wed.) 18:30〜21:00) : ¥1,500-

ProgramB (25th Feb. (Fri.) 18:30〜21:00) : ¥1,500-

Program C (5th Mar. (Sat.) 18:30〜21:00) : free

*Each archive is available 3 days after its live streaming.



Ryogoku Monten Hall: ticket@monten.jp



Presented by Monten Co.

Grants: Arts Counsil Tokyo and Asahi Shinbun Foundation

Co-sponsor: JSEM, JSSA, JAIMS

Cooperation: Naya Collective Ltd.



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Asako MIYAKI : Artistic Director and Composer

She is a composer and spatial acoustician. She studied composition, electronic music and acousmonium performance at Toho Gakuen University, INA-GRM and MOTUS and graduated from the Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies Graduate School of Arts and Sciences , The University of Tokyo, and is currently enrolled in the same doctoral course. With contemporary music as a starting point, She conducts sound production and spatial development that connects images, scents, bodies, and unique fields, as well as field work and sound installations in sacred places in the Amami Islands. Her solo album “Virtual Resonance ” has been described as“ a exquisite and vivid sound image (CD Journal) ” “Cosmic Ambient (Beams Records), where Gagaku, Electronica, and Contemporary Music Intersect”. She was selected for ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) 2016, 2019 and New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2019, and won the first prize of “Ryuichi Sakamoto | Installation Music Exhibition Contest” for her 5.1 ch surround sound work (Afterimage). For KONICA MINOLTA Planetaria Tokyo’s “Hoshizora Lounge” ,She is continuing the space acoustic exhibition “22.2 ch Remix of J,S.Bach Well Tempered Clavier ” as a long-term project.




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